My Year of Yoga, Month # 1

January 2016

This is my monthly journal for 2016 where I will attempt to do 365 days of yoga.

Last year.

I was unfit, unhappy, inflexible, and have zero upper body strength.

This year — 30 days ago.

I decided that it is time for the new Mischelle. At the stroke of midnight this year, I told myself that I would:

Do 365 days of yoga. Once a day. Everyday.

Crazy, I know.

So I signed up for Partners in Grind to help me stay accountable. And I told myself that I would write a monthly journal to keep track of my progress.

January 2016 Progress & Reflection

It is incredible what 15–30 minutes a day can do to transform your body. There are still tons of things that I still can’t do.

However, this month, I learned that I can now:

  1. Take a deeper breath and actually fill up my lungs
  2. Touch my toes while standing up
  3. Touch my toes and kiss my knee while sitting down
  4. Do proper chatturanga 5 times in a row
  5. Do up to 5 regular push-ups! (baby steps, I know)
  6. Boulder and rock climb with a greater sense of balance

Tips for anyone who needs help staying accountable (like me):

  • Reward yourself. You can go out for froyo or boba or for me, I bought a new pair of yoga tights! I am always excited to try out new things and it helps me to follow through with my commitment.
  • Don’t do it alone. Get your friend to do it! Or if no one else wants to do it with you (like me :/ ), sign up for Partners in Grind! My partner Alex is great and we text each other to stay accountable.
  • Set reasonable daily goals. Although it is daunting to do 365 days of yoga, I told myself that it is okay if I only get 10 minutes in. I just have to get some in. Small progress > zero progress, always.

Special thanks!

I’d like to extend my thanks to Yoga with Adriene for making such awesome30 days of yoga videos that I followed to a T this month. Thanks for making my first month of yoga possible!

Stay tuned for February 2016! I will be doing Yoga with Adriene’s: 30 days of yoga camp videos!