Santa Claus Tracker!

Weekly UI Design Challenges

Today, my challenge was to design a Santa Claus Tracker. I was so excited! I love Christmas and as the holiday season is creeping in, it was really fun to just play around with some holiday icon packs. As usual, I only have one (1) hour to work with.

To stay accountable with my personal challenge of switching between iOS and Material Design mobile pattern, today’s challenge was executed using iOS guidelines.

I really wanted to be really playful when approaching this specific challenge. Channeling the colorful Christmas palette and cutesy icons. I imagine this application to be used for little kids and adults alike as a fun ‘break’ from the mundane daily life!

The copy is heavily influenced by this desire to be fun and quirky!

Christmas tree accident so far!

Definitely made me feel like a kid again 🙂

I decided to focus more on the visual design on this particular challenge and just to simply have fun! It served as a much needed mental break after having quite the intense week. I treated this challenge like how I would like to see it in the wild. I want the user to get the same enjoyment from looking at this as I did making it!

Stay tuned for next Friday’s UI Design Challenge!