Project Management & Behavior Design

Project Summary

Changeria is an educational online platform that helps people learn the ropes of becoming an entrepreneur and starting their own business. Our client came to us with an idea and we help him develop it all the way into first MVP of the product.

The Context

Responsive dashboard web-application

The Problem

We had to turn idea into product!
We worked closely with our client (Spike Morelli) to develop an MVP of the product from concept to html & css prototype.

The Project Goal

Design a gamified educational web platform that incorporates behavioral design to ultimately create an engaging and interactive learning environment.

The Constraints

Limited timeframe: 9 weeks
All brand new assets had to be created


Product Designer Lead & PM
I led a team of 3 designers and I was the main point of contact with the client.


  • User interviews
  • Hook model behavior design
  • Comprehension tests
  • Paper prototype
  • html & css prototype

The Results

Html & css prototype

At the end of the project, our client was able to find a developer and immediately implement our html & css prototype!

Client Feedback

From Spike Morelli, Founder

Mischelle was the team lead and primary person I interacted with and I would hire her in the blink on and eye if our finances allowed us to.
I’ve ran many internships and worked with younger professionals and one constant issue was the lack of organization and drive. Not with Mischelle. From day one she’s been relentless in settings up clear goals, communicating those to me and making sure she delivered on them, always keeping me in the loop as things evolved. That level of transparency and ownership is quite rare to find and in my experience key to the success of any project.
And if her project management skills are top notch, her UX skills are no less. She has constantly surprised me with insightful observations from our customer interviews and has been able to come up with great recommendations to develop a better userflow and experience.
To top it off, Mischelle is extremely nice and knows how to handle any situation very graciously, definitely a great team player.

Full Case Study – Coming Soon!