Kitten Rental Profile Page

Weekly UI Design Challenges

Today, my challenge was to design a kitten rental profile page. So I started with some quick ideation sketches just to get the creative juices flowing!

I was inspired by iOS Amazon App Product Page, where the main image is displayed using page view controller. I also liked how the CTA button on the Amazon App is really clear and easy to access!

Last week, I did the UI Design Challenge using Material Design patter. As I learn to be more versatile, this week’s UI Design Challenge was designed using the iOS Mobile UI Pattern.

This interface is very simple. The focus was really geared towards the CTA: Rent me! button. The rest of the interface highlights some of the critical information for a kitten profile page, such as: rating star (reviews), age, type, and minimum rental time requirement.


Switching from Material Design to iOS very quickly was definitely challenging! But it was really great to be able to practice and slowly becoming more familiar with both mobile UI pattern!

Stay tuned for next Friday’s UI Design Challenge!

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